Rather Than Crying Over Skyrocketing Prices, Let’s Laugh At Some Funny Inflation Memes — 15 Memes & Tweets

Now that inflation is at its highest level since the oldest millennials were born (9.1% in June, 8.5% in July), everyone on Twitter is suddenly an economist, offering only the hottest of takes on where we’re headed and what’s to blame for the inflation.

Is it Biden? Student loan forgiveness? Greedy capitalists? Mole people? The Fed? Crypto?

No one, including actual economists, really knows for sure what’s going on with inflation, but one thing we all seem to agree on is that prices are high, and there’s no apparent relief in sight.

As the Fed remains hawkish in raising interest rates, and we await the September CPI report, we thought we’d walk on the lighter side of things and share some of the funniest memes and Tweets about inflation that are currently making the rounds.

inflation meme - cover photo

30 Of The Funniest Inflation Memes

1. Printing money seems to be the solution to all our problems anyway, so why not?

inflation meme - 10 dollar bill

2. It’s almost as if the Fed doesn’t really know what it’s doing.

inflation meme - anakin padme

3. Boing boing.

4. No matter how you slice it, you’re getting f*cked.

5. Congress has been doing everything they can…to do nothing they can.

6. Currently this is the best policy we have for fighting inflation.

7. In times of trouble, always turn towards financial prudence.

8. They say it’s 8.5%, but…


9. I think they were trying for a joke, but it’s hitting a little too close to home.

10. She will hopefully be a 2 soon, but seems unlikely.

11. My “means” can’t cover the basics in this economy.

12. Small wins for homeowners and other installment debtors!

inflation meme - creditors debtors

13. It’s called “Shrinkflation

inflation meme - shrinkflation

14. “See, look, we didn’t raise our prices!”

inflation meme - example of shrinkflation tea

15. Finally, an ACTUAL solution is being offered.